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Around the world with the Alien Hunter

Some of the countries in which Sims has lectured and/or worked.


The Alien Hunter - - Around the WorldSims lecturing to 250 surgeons and doctors for their continuing education credits.

The Alien Hunter - - Around the World

Sims performing Hypno-anesthesiology for a client’s surgery.

The Alien Hunter - - Around the World

More hypnotic work in a surgical application.

The Alien Hunter - - Around the World

“My medications went down 60% after your work on me for painful car wrecks.”
–Ms. C.M. Houston, Texas.

New York

After one session….”You are wonderful, as a consultant and a person.”

…Broadway Musician, NYC…Alan M.

What Professors Say:

“Derrel Sims impressed me as extraordinarily knowledgeable. His skills are superb We all can learn so much from him, and perhaps, equally important unlearn and sort out too much which we may have accepted. His police background wonderfully complements his NLP/hypnotherapist training. I don’t even know how to categorize Derrel and what he has here; he’s in a classification all his own.”
-Dr. Romeo Di Benedetto
Professor of Sociology and Philosophy
Creator, Producer, and host of the Emerging Renaissance Series El Paso, Texas

“Only two people on this planet will ever work with me, one is Barbara Batholic and the other is Derrel Sims. I have seen the man work.”
-The late Dr. Karla Turner, noted author and professor

Dear Derrel,

You have helped me not only with the drinking problem I had, but many other changes have occurred…I am calmer, have more energy, I have totally changed my way of thinking.
– G.Z. April Sound, Texas

Houston Texas


I began the program with you in June 2000 and to date am pleased to report that I have lost 28 pounds!

My business experience has been in the customer service arena for the last twenty years, so I am always aware of the customer service I receive from corporations and individuals. I have always felt that the attention I have received working with you has been stellar. I believe that the expertise and methods that you have practiced with me are extremely professional and I appreciate it. I am very pleased and wanted to document it.

– Jenny M. (Conroe, Texas)
“I had lost nearly everything I loved. I want you to know that in the time it takes to have lunch or less, Derrel performed a “miracle” on me by the use of his professional skills.”

– Gail R. (Houston, Texas)



… Well, in the last three years I suffered a very deep and hard depression. During three years I lived every day with the idea of suicide myself. I was working, eating but like a ghost. Nothing or nobody helped me. Travels, new friends, success in my profession was not the correct cure to finish my dark depression …

For the first time after three years I really opened my eyes to the world. It was not a dark and hopeless place. It was wonderful to begin to live again. Thanks to you Mr. Sims, you finished my three years depression in three hours. Thank you for being here with us in this planet. …

After a while I send him a music cassette. One of the songs is a Vivaldi Opera aria from 18 century; “Nulla in Mundo Pax sincera.” It means: “The real peace in our world”. I hope he liked this classical aria.

I have never been in Texas, I don’t know where he lives. But when I close my eyes, I can imagine Mr.Sims listening Vivaldi’s 18.century opera aria, at his home, in a starry Texas night.

Farah Y. (Istanbul, Turkey)

United Kingdom

Derrel Sims & his wife Doris presenting in the U.K.

Derrel Sims & his wife Doris presenting in the U.K.

We don’t have workshops here in the UK, Derrel, they simply wouldn’t have a draw of people. You certainly changed our minds on that, when 180 people came to your hypnosis and handwriting analysis workshop.

K. Williamson

The United Kingdom
Derrel Sims in Oslo Norway


National TV press covers Sims’ presentation and interviews him for the news in Oslo.
The United Kingdom


Derrel Sims lecturing in Brasilia, Brazil

Derrel Sims lecturing in Brasilia, Brazil



We are very honored to have Derrel with us! He is recognized in his field as one of the most reliable researchers and he is a great person! I feel almost embarrassed to have asked him to be among us: this will be an engagement for working very seriously, for us.

– Giulia M., M.D., Neuropsychiatrist, Psychotherapist (Rome)

Puerto Rico

The Alien Hunter - - Around the World

(Yes, we know it’s the United States, but they were so welcoming and the state department really rolled out the red carpet that we felt they needed a special section)

Puerto Rico


The Alien Hunter - - Around the World
Medallion (similar to the U.S. equivalent of a “Key to the City”) and certificate for lectures in Slovakia presented to Sims by Dr. Josenski & His wife Katka. 

The meetings were held in the majestic archaeological museum in Kosice.


The Alien Hunter - - Around the World
Derrel Sims presenting in Israel

Haifa, Israel


The Alien Hunter - - Around the World

Sims lecturing & demonstrating through a translator, the ability to determine whether a person is lying or telling the truth. Even though this man is French and Derrel speaks no French.

Haikui, Japan

An interview in Haikui, Japan by the  press and others.

An interview in Haikui, Japan by the press and others.

Sims signing official documents at the opening of the Haikui museum.

Sims signing official documents at the opening of the Haikui museum.

Haifa, Israel
San Marino

San Marino

The government of San Marino (the oldest republic in the world) has brought Derrel in for visits in order to hear his medical and scientific presentations.

The Alien Hunter - - Around the World
Derrel answering questions from Mimi Hynek (The late Dr. J. Alan Hynek’s wife). Derrel’s friends UFO investigator from Norway Odd Gunnar, and Paola Harris (Italy) look on and listen to this inquiry of Mimi Hynek.

After Sims’ presentation, Ms. Hynek walked up the stage to meet Sims again, on the stage. (Since she had crippling arthritis, this was most difficult for her.) She shook Sims’ hands and said, “I had no idea that this kind of evidence was being found. I am so sorry for being critical of your investigations before. My husband would have been proud of you. Thank you for your most progressive work.”


I am extremely impressed with your work. Academics degrees are important, but not more than experience and the goodwill to help others. For me, you are much more than FULL PHYSICIAN and if you authorize me I will continue calling you Dr. Sims. [This statement was the Cuban medical doctor’s response to Derrel Sims when Derrel made it clear that he himself was not a medical doctor]. I still reading all the information that you sent me and as much as I read I got more and more impressed. Thanks for let me know about your work and please send me when it will ready, your new workshop calendar for this year and ahead. I also thank you, all the forwarded e-mail to my Cuban Professor friend. I am sure that he will be delightful to hear and meet you at some time in the future and he will invite you officially to Hipno-santiago ‘2001. Our first-anniversary Hypnosis Courses will going to be presented in Spanish. I don’t invite you to that anniversary meeting is because you just left Puerto Rico, but be sure that I will tell and invite you to our future activities. Please excuse my English, I always had some struggle with it, more when is in writing. I had two courses of NLP, and I used them in my regular everyday practice, but I am not an NLP certified professional, this is going to be one of I think many common interest that we can share. Thanks again for all of your kindliness forwarding all that vital information. I am sure that we shall continue in touch. Your friend; Dr. Jesus S.

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