Ocular Alien Implant

The Alien Hunter - - Ocular Alien Implant

In this lecture, Derrel Sims is in Rome, Italy, in 2003. He describes in detail the ocular alien implant that came from a woman involved in the Double Mass Abduction of 1992.

The object underwent testing by the University of Houston, which revealed a ceramic-like exterior and a cushioned interior that, according to the scientist, “housed something.” What baffled him was the unique combination of 8 elements never found in a naturally occurring state together, and never, ever manufactured together. How could this be? And how could this object have come from a woman’s eye?

The scientist did not even hear the woman’s story of her alien abductions–and he already thought the situation was highly strange.

Derrel gives more implant details during this audio interview and slideshow, done in Italy in 2003.

“The proof of an implant being alien is not so much in what it looks like or what we think, but in its function…”

Derrel Sims
The Alien Hunter
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