Mission Statement

It is the intent of Saber Enterprises, holding company for the Alien Hunter, and Alien Hunter Productions, to use a proactive approach in the search for hard, physical evidence of human/alien interraction.

To serve as a voice for those whose experiences remain partially unheard, unnoticed, ignored, and, to provide Integrated research through the use of qualified professionals, wherever we may find them.

Personal Message from Derrel Sims, CEO of Saber Enterprises and The Alien Hunter

Dear Friends,

Due to my own abduction experience, I am placed in the unique position of relating to my clients in ways few others in this field can attest to. It is this unparalleled connection, that establishes the welfare of my fellow-contactees-abductees and/or victims. This is a top priority for our team.

I could fill volumes of journals with accounts of the suffering endured by those who have had real and/or imagined alien experiences. Our strange uninvited encounters, have left many with emotional and often physical scars. These horrific experiences are made more painful, when the very doctors and psychiatrists, and professionals who are sought for help, reject their stories. This occurs because these professionals simply do not have the framework necessary for understanding the phenomena, a necessity for providing significant understanding.

The irony is that the very abductees whose reports to mental health profesionals has resulted in rejection, are often diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome(PTSD). Clearly, for this diagnosis to be assessed, trauma must have occurred.

I know what it feels like to be branded for witnessing something,most have not. For hearing things that many are not privy to, and for speaking the truth. This is a hunt that will last a lifetime.

I make no secret that I view the “current” alien presence as hostile based on experience, thousands of cases and certainly the evidence. I see, with little exception, that any being that acts with impunity, causing mental and physical trauma to its’ victims, is no friend to humanity. I hold this “position” despite the benevolent messages received by some.

This does not mean that there are not “alien presence” out there that is not benevolent/uninterested and therefore would treat people for differently if they had made this “Contact.”  I do not disrespect any persons beliefs or viewpoints. I think everything should be examined.

As I often challenge those who do not like this premise, let the alien provide evidence to the contrary and in person.

It is my dedication that in the recovery and analysis of physical evidence, the victim of these experiences will finally be believed, gated and then exploited in a professional and effective way.

If the Good aliens are out there, I will find them, too.

This is my resolve.

Derrel Sims,

The Alien Hunter

Derrel Sims

Derrel Sims


The Alien Hunter
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