Though I have been on the “alien hunt” since my early years, I formalized my efforts in 1988 by founding Saber Enterprises. Saber’s initial objectives were to collect physical evidence that would support the reality of extraterrestrial/human interaction and to analyze that evidence to learn as much as possible about the phenomenon. I make no secret that I view the alien presence as hostile. Any being that causes mental and physical trauma to its victims, and operates with impunity, is no friend of humanity, despite the seemingly “benevolent” messages some experiencers receive. So I would have to say that Saber’s ultimate goal is to frustrate and defeat this apparently malevolent alien agenda, whatever that may be.

To that end, we continue to develop an extensive worldwide network of scientists, government and intelligence sources, academicians, and other mainstream professionals willing to make their expertise available in the pursuit of this worthwhile endeavor.

Derrel Sims Smiling - The Alien Hunter's Mission
Derrel Sims

However, high-tech tests, pathologies, and other research services are expensive, and lack of capital has slowed progress. Thus far Saber has been funded by private donations and what money I can garner from speaking engagements, and radio & television appearances. I am always asked why it took me so long to publish my findings. I guess I have been too busy on the chase.

One of the most important aspects of Saber’s work is the therapeutic services we provide. I could fill several volumes with tales of the suffering endured by some of those who have been in the alien presence. Most of these people are average, every day, and surprisingly sane, folk whose strange encounters have left them with physical and/or emotional scars. They have been rejected by traditional doctors and psychiatrists who simply do not have the framework or understanding necessary to treat them. For many victims, Saber Enterprises is the last hope. My background and training have enabled me to help countless individuals on the road to emotional and mental recovery. Together with my team, I have developed unique protocols and detailed, multi-disciplinary intake procedures to help ensure that each individual receives the most thorough care. 

No abductee has ever been charged for my services, and I aim to keep it that way.

Saber welcomes any sincere individual wishing to provide services or resources, make a donation, offer possible physical evidence, or just in need of some counseling. In this divided modern world, the alien threat serves to remind us that we really are “one planet under God.”

— Derrel Sims

The Alien Hunter
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