One of the toughest things about being an alien abductee is the feeling that you are all alone…that no one understands you…that you must be going crazy…that you have no one to talk to.

I get that. I really, really do. I can tell you for sure that the Alien–whatever/whoever they are–wants you to feel that way. It’s part of the programming. The more isolated you become, the more alienated (pun intended!) that you feel, the easier you are to manipulate.

For many years I have worked with the Houston UFO Network support group, and it’s
 been a very rewarding experience. Now we can all connect virtually, wherever we are. We can share stories, advice, tears, and laughter. We can help each other become stronger, and gain wisdom and coping strategies. In other words, we can be there for each other.

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Alien Abduction Support Group

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Alien Hunter Abduction Support Group

The purpose of this support group is to allow the meeting of the minds and free discussion. The rules are simple: No flames. Anyone creating useless antagonism or anything that is not considerate to the spirit of this group’s mind will be asked to stay within this scope. Those not complying will simply be removed.

While this is no substitute for therapy, it is our hope that participation in the group’s discussions will be beneficial. I moderate the group or have my assistant moderator, assure that there are no spams or malicious behavior.

If we find information that may be useful for our team’s research, we will catalog it. No names are used and no one will be publically “outed.” We want everyone to feel safe, and we are open to suggestions!

Yours in Light,

Derrel Sims

The Alien Hunter
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