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More than forty years ago, Derrel Sims had his first encounter with an alien presence. At the age of 17, he experienced a malignant contact with these alien beings that would alter his life forever. As a result of the violent encounter, Derrel made the decision that he would no longer willingly be victim to the bizarre quests of alien entities. He was determined to change his role in life from being “the hunted” to “the hunter.” When these same beings later came for his 5-year-old son, Derrel Sims put his hunt into high gear.

The Alien Hunter - - The Great Derrel SimsDerrel began preparing himself for his lifelong quest of pursuing the alien prey. Every path he took would equip him mentally, physically, and spiritually to become a warrior for the cause and to assume the role he feels he was born to play.
 As a result, Derrel has spent the past three decades researching the world of alien beings. His focus has been two-fold: To acquire the skills necessary to design and implement a program of compassionate and effective counseling for victims of alien contact, and to collect and analyze medical and scientific evidence of the alien presence. He has spent years studying and training in a broad range of areas that would provide him with a full array of skills necessary to search for and acquire evidence of these creatures.

The Alien Hunter - - The Great Derrel Sims​He served in military intelligence and worked with the CIA, and after the service worked as a police officer, and as a licensed private investigator. As a teenager, he was gifted at martial arts and became an instructor—though he himself had no formal training. As an adult, he kept several exotic animals, including a tiger and a pet python. From advanced scuba diving training to skill with weaponry; from his certifications as a Master Hypnotherapist and Certified Medical Hypnoanaesthesiolgist to studies in graphoanlysis; Derrel’s eclectic accomplishments have had a single aim: to defeat the alien menace.

Not surprisingly given his background, Derrel Sims approaches an alien abduction as if it were a crime scene; every element—from the victim’s demeanor to forensic traces in the environment—is a vital clue in solving the alien mystery. Each case enhances his unique perspective as the pre-eminent “Profiler” of alien beings. Every clue contributes to the patterns Derrel has observed in the hundreds of cases he has examined worldwide.

Derrel investigating an alleged MIB rape case.

Derrel investigating an alleged MIB rape case.

These informed viewpoints will be shared on this website and through his books, articles, and other media.

Meanwhile, the hunt continues. . .

Derrel Sims is the Alien Hunter

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The Alien Hunter - - The Great Derrel Sims
The Alien Hunter - - The Great Derrel Sims
The Alien Hunter - - The Great Derrel Sims
The Alien Hunter - - The Great Derrel Sims
The Alien Hunter - - The Great Derrel Sims


Book Cover of Alien Hunter: The Evidence in Light: Alien Abduction Evidence

Alien Hunter: Evidence in Light

This provocative book presents evidence that we are neither alone nor at the top of the food chain. While most search history and imagination for indications of alien vehicles, here is the hot trail of the pilots and their chain of command.

In Alien Hunter: The Evidence in Light, Derrel Sims touches the lives of everyone on earth when he upsets our confident worldview with physical evidence that our institutions are either complicit or powerless to protect us from being experimented on like animals on an alien farm. If this book keeps you from sleeping alone at night. . . It may be a good thing.

The Alien Hunter - - The Great Derrel Sims

Alien Hunter: Evidence and Truth About Alien Implants

Is the alien phenomenon affecting you or a loved one without your knowledge? Learn more about these mysterious objects implanted in some abductees by alien intruders. The book includes:
* Color pictures of implants
* Implants are not tracking devices
* Does the alien have implants?
* Special info for women
* Missing fetus & twin syndrome
* A biologically engineered cocooned implant
* Anatomy of an alien’s eye
* The inside of a UFO
* Visible & invisible implants
* Transgenic beings blended into society
* First public implant surgery with pathology & metallurgy report info

Conclusive Alien Hunter Evidence Video

Alien Hunter Evidence Video (DVD)

Professionally produced. It has the best evidence ever. Once such evidence shows an alien sitting in the backseat of car of an abductee. The Photograph was taken my Los Angeles County police cam. The abductee ran a red light. This is an original photograph from the police cam. Simply amazing evidence in this DVD.

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