Self Defense

A primary goal at my research organization, Saber Enterprises, is to provide instruction that enables self-empowerment for those who are confronted with unusual and perhaps traumatic experiences with regards to possible alien encounters.

Below are methods which may assist you in determining if you have experienced alien contact:

1. Collect information to educate yourself.

Search for the remains of physical evidence from the experience, i.e. items left behind, or changes of a general and personal nature.

2. Check your body.

Look for unexplained bruises, burns or scratches. Check for dirt under your nails and or any dirt, mud, leaves, etc. that are on your skin or your clothing. Be especially conscious of your hands and feet. Note any changes in your apparel or jewelry. Simple observances such as clothing that may be inside-out, or if you are wearing articles that you were not wearing previously, are red flags that something is not right.

Scoop Marks

Documented Scoop Marks

3. Check your surroundings.

Search the room for items that do not belong there. Be especially conscious of remnants of leaves, weeds, grass and seeds. (Also, note if these items are not indigenous to your area).

4. Save and Document

You may have the urge to remove or destroy evidence, cover up markings or keep your discoveries a secret. You can overcome this by forming a habit of writing or recording any findings from your investigations. Keep track of dates and also note your mental, emotional, and physical state. Take digital photographs of anything out of the ordinary the possible contact site or your body.

Collect any debris, object(s) or other physical specimen, put in a secure location and contact me regarding preservation and instructions of any such items.

Remember, you are not alone.

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