The Alien Hunter - - Unveiling Alien Realities: An Exclusive Interview with Derrel Sims, The Alien Hunter
- Unveiling Alien Realities: An Exclusive Interview with Derrel Sims, The Alien Hunter

Derrel Sims The Alien Hunter is the world’s leading expert on alien abductions. His 38+ years of field research has focused on physical evidence, and led to his groundbreaking discoveries of alien implants and alien fluorescence. As a former military police officer and CIA operative,

Sims has a unique insight into the alien organization which he believes functions similarly to an intelligence agency. Sims is also a compassionate and skilled therapist who has helped hundreds of alien experiencers all over the world come to terms with what they’ve witnessed.

He currently works as a licensed private investigator in Houston, Texas.


  1. What first made you interested in Aliens?
    You might say I was a captive audience. Not unlike your own experience, the difference is, I remembered a lot of mine. Which brings us to your next question.
  2. How has Alien hunting changed your life?
    Initially, as a teenager I studied scientific anomalies. Those unusual features that seem to baffle most of mankind, in science seems to ignore. I had this vain idea the science, once they knew the information, would in fact, in effect, would jump on any real evidence. They would then Study any phenomena known. That was science in its purity.

    The fact is that Science is based on belief as much as fact. Their prior beliefs i.e. Educational beliefs etc, defines their research, and therefore their funding comes from that, and nothing can interfere with those beliefs or finds.

    As a short example. A brilliant scientist noticed that there were clear, definable, and irrefutable Marks around the base of the great Sphinx in Egypt. This depicts a great flood. The were obvious water marks. Since this flies in the face of archaeological beliefs, he was forbidden to come back to Egypt to doing further studies. Like I said either tow the line of current beliefs, not necessarily facts, or you will find that line of inquiry, anathema to your career. To my shock and amazement as young teenager, science wasn’t interested in scientific anomalies.

    One of the scientific anomalies that I found amazing was UFO’s.

    Interestingly enough, the intelligence community does have a firm believe in UFOs and back engineering technology. What do you think those massive black budgets are about anyway. Congress is not even allowed to ask questions about what that fundings about at that level. We need civilian oversight like you can’t even imagine. Trust me I already been in that realm.

    I lived in I’m going to New Mexico with the time, and help my father, build interesting structures the White Sands missile Range. Needless to say those are classified even now. Well in New Mexico I saw numerous UFOs. So did a lot of other people. Sometimes UFOs would stop traffic simply because peoples cars wouldn’t work any further when they were near. After you have full left cars started to work. Make you wonder what they did while they were there that no one knew about!

    I’ve been studying the UFO phenomena for over 50 years now. I’m considered a leader in the UFO field, having made some fascinating discoveries. As a former senior police officer in the military, in a former employee of the Central intelligence agency, in covert operations for two years, and being a private investigator in the great state of Texas, for 30 years, I bring a heavy investigative background to this phenomena. All those claims are provable and on my DD form 214. That’s form you get when you get out of the service.

    I discovered this so-called Alien implant phenomena, in 1960, at age 12. In 1995 I started open research, I conducting the first surgical procedures on to people that I believed probably had alien implants.

    Alien implants being described as a device or object left inside human being by the alien presence. Prior to that, in 1994, I had spoken to 250 and doctors and surgeons, at John Muir medical hospital, in Northern California. In that AMA sponsor program of continuing education, I outlined four things that would we would find about these objects in these people, if these were in fact alien implants. My conclusions proved to be true during our first two surgeries. Both surgeons were startled by the results.

    Simply put, the biology was absolutely incredible. It was a biological cocoon surrounding the objects. The cocoon, was a non-inflammatory response, not made by the body, and according to the pathologist, was impossible for to be in that location.

    On a second note, the National Institute for discovery science, a group of 18 scientists, agreed to look at my find. I insisted that the double-blind study be done. They agreed to my conditions. New Mexico Tech and Los Alamos labs were involved in the $22,000.00 study. The short version is this: the objects were a lamellar projections, of a rare meteorite from outer space. That conclusively would make it extraterrestrial in origin. The findings are much more involved and much more interesting than what I’m referring to here. Those findings are available if you want to see that. Those findings were peer-reviewed, by the Royal Society of chemical engineers in England.

    The second discovery I made was in 1992. I suspected that the alien left an invisible florescent trace on people they touched. I was correct. Today. I have about a dozen fluorescent traces that we are ready to send to the laboratory. I suspect that it may give us the first DNA collection of the aliens presence. In other words it might give us a clue, as to what made out of, how they’re made, and perhaps even why.

    There are different colorations of the florescence, which may depict different programs are being run on these people. My research does not show that these programs that are being run on these people are for the good of mankind. The florescence will penetrate to skin subdermally on contact. You can’t wash it off Forget it off in anyway. Did The body will finally absorb it within 24 hours.
  3. Have you yourself ever been encountered by aliens?
    As I mentioned, I was a captive audience, at age 4. In 1952, as you can imagine there were no real movies of aliens or anything like that that I knew about.

    The fact is I hope in my eyes realizing something was wrong in room. I looked at the entity as he was walking toward a wall. I thought to myself he’s going to bump into the wall. I didn’t know he came through the wall.

    As I thought these things, the entity turned around and looked at me. I heard him say without moving his very small mouth, “it’s awake”. At that point I realize he’s talking about me.

    I was supposed to not remember.

    I did.

    That forever sent me on a trip, on an adventure, and the expedition of consciousness, Defining who and what he was. The first thing I noticed about him was he had no clothes on and it was midwinter. The second thing I noticed was large black eyes. The third thing I noticed if you didn’t have a TT. Fourth thing I noticed was he didn’t have a belly button. I had genitalia he didn’t, I had a naval and he didn’t. WHY?

    After many years of research, it’s pretty clear if you don’t have genitalia or you don’t reproduce not in the way we do it anyway. If you don’t have a naval it’s highly likely you were born. You probably were hatched, cloned, made or manufactured, inside other way.

    This particular entity did not look like a Hollywood version. It’s guys were not elliptical in black. They were black quite large, and perfectly round. I suspect it was an earlier model. Since entity couldn’t make mean not remember. He moved toward me. I was not previously afraid, but now due to something he had done, was experiencing terror I had never known. The terror I was experiencing was his. He transferred his fear to me. Have to understand they live in a society unlike anything we imagine. it is a society of trepidation and fear. For those who watch Hollywood movies I’m afraid this is not going to work for you.

    The next thing he did was part of another program, which is to make, me, or you, Think that the event was a bad dream and didn’t even happen, the problem is I was wide awake.

    This is call a screened memory. It’s a false narrative or imagery, left to cover the real memory.

    As he came toward me I pushed so hard against my little tiny bed, and the wall, I pushed The bed so hard and I fell in between the bed and the floor.

    A child’s worst nightmare happened at that time.

    Since he couldn’t reach me directly he went underneath my bed, and stared at me, that large bulbous head of his next my face.

    He tried at that point, to change my internal representation of what he looked like from that of an alien like being, to that of a clown. I would not except the suggestion. Many people live had these experiences, have phobias of clowns and don’t know why.

    The real problem wasn’t that I got abducted, 10 times over 13 years. My events stopped when I was 17. The idea that it was all over, was wonderful for me.

    Then they came and got my son at age 6. That turned me from a confused observer, to an alien hunter.
    Now I had them that hunted me, later hunted my son, and they also hunted other people and their children. I want the world simply know, facts, what’s going on.

    For those that are not in the know, this will all Be science fiction. It will be in the realm of the giggle factor… Until of course it’s their children we’re them.

    Recently I had an M.D., this one doctor recently said to me, “this can’t be happening to me” He was telling me he is an amazing events. He was so embarrassed, he said that Mr. Sims we’re not like you.

    I smiled and said you mean weird, Believe in UFOs and that sort of thing.

    He said yes.

    I said Welcome to the club..
  4. What are some of the alien races you know of?
    In my opinion, based on many years of research and testing, these particular entities, that we often referred to on TV, and in our scientific discussions as aliens, may in fact, not be aliens in the classical sense of the word.

    Remember when I described the first entity in my first event. It was apparent to me, after thinking about it, years later, that there were not like us. That they were either hatched, cloned, made, or manufactured.

    These entities appeared to be models designed for specific tasks, aimed at convincing us that they are aliens from other planets. There’s no indication whatsoever to support that notion. Exploring the scientific concepts of Drake’s Equation and the Fermi Paradox, I aim to illustrate the point that if they are truly abundant in the universe, why haven’t we encountered them everywhere?

    We observe these entities primarily in contexts of contact or abduction. Evidence of their presence emerges in the form of cuts, scars, bruises, fluorescence, and in rare cases, implantation, among other phenomena. My contention is that they operate in secrecy and deliberately avoid detection. I believe that someone else is controlling them.

    My point being that it’s secretive. They do not want to be found out. And in my opinion someone else operates “THEM”

    Occasionally, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, invites me to their scientific presentations. During one such session focusing on The Cassini project’s mission to Saturn, I raised a question at the conclusion of the talk. I inquired why the spacecraft veered from Mars to Saturn, and what prompted this shift in trajectory.

    The meeting was abruptly adjourned.

    One prominent NASA scientist has taken a stand against secrecy and even wrote a book called “The Ringmakers of Saturn.” I encourage you to read it and discover the truth behind the façade. He, like me, has grown weary of the covert nature surrounding these matters. I challenge you to explore “The Ringmakers of Saturn” online – you can find resources on Google or YouTube.

    Upon reviewing the content, ponder the question: why did JPL send a nuclear-powered craft to study Saturn’s rings and moons?

    A billionaire once approached me, stating, “You possess an extraordinary ability to uncover physical evidence, unlike others who debate its existence. Could you explain why you have this capability?” My response was simple: “It’s not a genius ability, but rather a straightforward approach. If you want to locate a doughnut, call a cop. If you seek an encounter with an alien, consult a true Native American Indian tracker!” As a Native American/Irish individual, I’m proud to share that 45% of abductees and contactees share my heritage.
  5. Do you believe alien life walks among us?
    There is a suggestion that these entities may, in fact, be using the biology of humans to interfere, or at least integrate in some way, with mankind. To date, I have not been able to prove this. I do, however, have verified medical records of an alien fetus inside a woman.

    This was reviewed by a top-tier medical hospital in England specializing in pediatrics, and needless to say, they were stunned. I also possess other evidence that supports the hypothesis that some of them may be among us in some capacity. However, I have not been able to prove this as of the current date.
  6. What was the most amazing discovery you’ve ever made pertaining to aliens?
    I will use the word “alien” here, although the term “entity” is more appropriate, as I mentioned we’re dealing with models here, not aliens from other worlds. According to one Nobel laureate, he said, “Mr. Sims, you may have already made a discovery worthy of a Nobel laureate.”

    If you can replicate the non-inflammatory response you found in the biology during those surgeries, and if you can recreate that in the lab, it might have implications for overcoming organ donor rejection or other challenges from the past.

    I told the professor that I was born in Texas, and while it might have been at night, it wasn’t last night—it was 7:30 at night, to be precise. I asked him, “Which laboratory do you suppose I can trust to send that kind of biology to?”

    The professor smiled and replied, “Not one.” I grinned and thought, “I guess I’ll just hold onto my evidence.”
  7. How much of your week is dedicated to the hunt for aliens?
    I am engaged in this work virtually seven days a week.

    I have presented at four conferences in the last five weeks. Some of these conferences take me to various parts of the world, from Brazil to Switzerland.

    My work has been showcased in three museums globally. One of them is located in Kosice, Slovakia. Another is the renowned fifty-two million dollar building in Haikui, Japan. The third location is likely more familiar to you, at least by name—Roswell, New Mexico. I am also featured in the Roswell Museum there.
  8. Do you believe aliens have good or bad intentions?
    I believe, based on scientific evidence and extensive field research, along with my examination of over 2000 cases worldwide (not to mention the countless other cases that have been scrutinized globally), that the alien entities, as we typically conceive them, are not present with the intention of aiding humanity by, for instance, resolving issues like the ozone layer depletion or climate change.

    Throughout history, there’s little to suggest they have actively contributed positively to humanity’s well-being. Rather, their interactions seem to have revolved around instilling fear, carrying out abductions, and similar actions.
  9. Do you believe aliens helped build the pyramids and other ancient structures?
    That’s a difficult question, because is no way for me to answer that in such a short time. Generally speaking no.

    The question is who did it? The real question is who build what structures? They were not all done by the same person. There is an unbelievably amazing mathematical construct involved in this megalithic structures. It takes years to decipher.

    If you go to Machu Picchu, as archaeologist did with their preconceived ideas. They told a little Peruvian people… How smart you truly are to build something so magnificent. The Peruvians look at them like they we’re all nuts. They said we didn’t build it…. The Giants did.

    The story of giants, and the history of giants, and the archaeology of giants, is all over North America, South America, Israel, China, and a host of other places. Within the next five years, history is you know it will change radically. It literally will have to be rewritten.

    It will need to be rewritten from the facts we discovered not from the predisposed ideas that we harbor and halls of academia, funded by the National Academy of Sciences. To that question and its answer you got a go back to Genesis the six chapter.

    Into ancient Samarian texts, and a host of other ancient historical narratives, to find the answers. The problem with that is that you can’t mix religion and history, in school. Like I said preconceived ideas, accepted hypothesis, is the only thing that’s allowed to be thought about. Otherwise your career is over.

    Because of that belief, those scientist will not get to know The answer. For those of you that have the courage look, you have a chance.

    The history of the Stone Age, is not our history, it is the stone age of the Giants.

    What I’ve just told you is profound. Don’t take my word for it go study. You will find what I have found, if you dig deep enough and long enough into the evidence. Speculation is interesting but not proof. Go for the evidence.
  10. Why do you believe aliens put implants in people?
    Not to frighten your audience, implants are extremely rare!

    Having said that, implants seem to be connected with alteration a behavior, that due to altering levels of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine serotonin and potassium.

    A Neuropsychologist, was horrified at my find, and said : Mr. Sims of true we’re was doing that, he owns that person… They can make them happy, sad or even suicidal.

    Our statistics don’t lie.

Whoever The Alien is “today” he was yesterday in ancient histories and mythologies, before His coverup began.

Derrel Sims, R.H.A., CM.Ht. The Alien Hunter

The Alien Hunter
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