Professional paranormal researcher, Derrel Sims, known as the “Alien Hunter,” shared his thoughts on the recent UFO congressional hearings that took place on July 26. Three retired military officials testified before Congress about their experiences with UFOs, and Sims finds their testimonies credible.

Sims emphasized that most reported sightings are not actual UFOs, but misidentifications of various objects. However, he believes that testimonies from professional individuals like pilots are different, as they do not make mistakes in identifying objects in the sky.

Regarding the claims made during the hearings, Sims predicted that the government would provide a plausible cover story, but it may not be enough to satisfy lawmakers and the public. The whistleblower’s testimony about the US being aware of “non-human” activity for nearly a century and having a program to reverse engineer unidentified aerial phenomena raises significant questions.

Sims acknowledged the credibility of the three former military officials who testified, especially the risk they took in making the information public. However, he wondered why additional evidence, such as film footage from aircraft cameras, was not presented during the hearing.

The Alien Hunter has spent 38 years investigating phenomena that do not fit the norm, including alleged alien implants and traces of alien fluorescence in human encounters.

Sims believes that the government maintains secrecy about UAPs for military purposes and to protect sensitive technology from potential adversaries. He doesn’t think the government will ever fully disclose all its UAP intelligence to the public, even if congressional committees attempt to probe further.

While Sims commended the efforts of Congress to investigate UFOs, he remains skeptical that lawmakers will receive the evidence or truth they seek. He expects the government to provide cover stories to conceal certain aspects of alien intelligence.

As the demand for transparency and disclosure grows, Sims believes the government will continue to keep some information classified, leaving the public to wonder about the truth behind UFO encounters.

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The Alien Hunter
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