Here a Capt (rmc) speaks to others on the net…And I respond in italics and in the story below.

I rarely comment on these things…But here are the facts of the event

Capt. Robert is referring to. Thanks for bringing this up sir.

Derrel sims.

On may 10, 2010, at 9:20 pm, mc wrote:

Not quite: even derrel has his draw backs,

I certainly do…As I am only human. Being afraid (now) of the alien isn’t one of them.

There was an alien scratching on the outside of his tent in colorado and derrel knew who it was,

Indeed I did.

But instead of running out to confront the bastard derrel hesitated out of, you guessed it, fear.

It was not fear, not this time. I am not a victim anymore. Here is the event. It is late and I am very tired…Have a son coming in from brazil in the am, and a dental appointment at 9 am. I hope I have all the facts in view. (btw, many abductees are allergic to procaines, or, like me, they seem not to work on our “Teeth” nerves. Smiles. My dentist is having a hard time buying that one…But he is puzzled how I can still feel the pain (clearly) after several “Caines” or other deadeners are used…Topically and via shots.

Note how I dealt with this little bugger.

Alien hunting in the bush:

Snow-mass wilderness, near Gunnison, Colorado , circa 1995

A true story.

Copyright 2007 saber enterprises

Some folks wonder what it is really like to hunt the alien…Well, here is one story

Prelaunch: ophthalmologist

Before the trip I was warned by several people (some who did not know me)…Not to go to colorado, as we would be all killed in a flaming purple van going over a cliff…This was the story and quite graphic. The amusing thing is we went in a purple van and crossed over some very steep places in colorado. Some were pretty awesome.

Most of the people were given special training under hypnosis (a system that was being devised by me and had been successful in the dec. 8th and dec. 11th, double mass abduction event, in which the alien (and some of his mid level management reps. Showed up on a craft 600 miles across 50 miles thick! There appears to be an independent video of the “Craft”.

The purpose of these special sessions was to see what (if any) effects the alien would have on the participants or the participants would have on “Them”.

In one event dale gets a large needle driven into his fore head. The taped session I have of him shows him screaming so loud he cannot even hear ‘suggestions” for help, by me, in the hypnosis event.

A scar shows up where the needle went in.

In a 2nd event, he gets a needle in his eye, causing a serious hematoma. An ophthalmologist in the who’s who, and a gastro-interologist get in on the ” hematoma story”. Dale’s case is most fascinating.

The Cast:

The architect of this attempt to collect an alien, was Derrel Sims…Me.

On this expedition we had also had a small time movie producer.

A senior capt of american airlines was the trained observer. (he stayed awake each night to sit in front of the tent of the “Bait” my senior investigator, dale musser). His job, to sleep during the day and be fully aware and observable and to observe anyone coming into the camp area to dale’s tent.

We had a married couple (the lady was very well trained and worked with me on many abduction cases, her name was patrice. Her husband “Ronnie” is a computer I.T. Specialist.

We had a man sleeping with dale in his large tent, to see if anything occurred inside the tent, if the event occurred. His name was paul. He was a computer graphics expert for our team.

We had the bait, “Dale” my senior investigator, who seemed to be abducted several years in a row in colorado. In the previous two events. Others witnessed these abductions consciously. In one event dale had a gun and knew it was there during the event, and never used it. Since he was going to be “Abducted” anyway on his colorado vacation, we used him (with his permission) as the bait. On some mornings we would watch dale feed (by hand) wild birds that found him “Friendly”.

The alien: I have never seen one like this description, before or since my events stopped in 1965, after 13 years of abduction. It was a grey to be sure but its size was diminutive. It was no more than 32” at best. It’s head was fully 1/3 the size of the body. This was obviously “Another make or model”…Unknown to me.

The setting:

I described to the alien hunter expedition crew, how I thought the alien would “Appear” if in fact they appeared…Where they would be (above us in the sky), above a cliff…And how they would come around behind us against the bottom wall of the cliff. This drew some interesting comments from several.

How do you know that?

Why would they do that?

It makes no sense?

They won’t do any of this since “There is a huge light on with a bright lantern” with a trained observer in front of it. He will clearly see them if they come near the tent.

If they can control all of us, then how can we hope to do anything or be aware of them, if the come?

Since some of these folks were abductees or those who had been previously “Under the control of the alien” during abduction events…It was obvious that I was not going to address the comments “At that time”. To do so would likley allow the alien to find out what was going on “If they wanted to find out!

Obviously, I kept much from the conversations of this event, till now. I am still keeping some info, private, but there is a strategic reason for this. Enough of the information is here in this truncated form.

Each morning after:

We, discussed our possible thoughts, facts of the night before and or any contacts, each day in the morning as we woke up.

Here is the last days report: (I neglected to say anything about my event until all had told their stories)…Here, I will tell the story as it occurred for clarity.

They came by Patrice and Ronnie’s tent first. The tent had a few feet where the alien (if so inclined to stay in the dark) would have a way to go behind in the dark, and pass each tent. This was the plan. The plan actually worked.

(they (Ronnie and Patrice) heard it, or them, and instantly woke up…. The husband looked at Patrice and said, “Oh, its a deer, go back to sleep”… And then “Went immediately to sleep”) . This was a husband/wife team with us in tent #1.

Then it came to my tent. I could see him on the outside of the tent from the bright lantern light that shown from Eric’s watch (he was our all night observer).

The entity was no more than I meter high. He had a huge bulbous head. It literally looked like a balloon (in shape). I had never seen this kind before. I had a large cutco serrated knife blade 3 inches away from him (it seemed to be a he! For whatever that means). My intent was to inpale him with a cutco hunting knife through the tent cover.

I am unsure why I knew this but I decided to not “Turn the cosmic toaster off with the knife” and see if he would “Come in” for a visit…This was my attempt to see if I still could communicate with “Them” even not under abduction control. This, if successful, would be huge…If not successful, was still informational, and useful.

I thought would this be best (alien-hunting) or would it be more needful (scientific/psychological) to contact it and see what is “In there” ie, inside his headspace?

I actually wanted to see if “If I still could do the mental thing…The telepathy since I was 17 in my last event. It was also a high water mark for me inasmuch as I would be not “Asleep having sleep paralysis” or some other goofy explanation. I could not go to sleep for long periods of time. I did, of course, sleep, enough not to hallucinate. This is called altitude sickness.

To my shock (as dale has so aptly and clearly illustrated in his many contact events) there was no one home (mentally) so to speak in this little guy’s brain. This guy was, obviously, not the sharpest knive in the drawer. He was at least half a sack of alien french fries short of a happy meal. I was aghast (literally) of his lack of “Mind” and mental abilities. He had a sense of obedience like a 286 computer…Just dont shake it up or complicate it with too many commands or it would be confused. I wanted to shake that little 286 (very soon). After I gave it suggestions to “Come in”…

It moved to the side of my tent (to my right) toward darkness…I had a secure sense (and my hypnotic command to him) to come into the tent. I had no idea if he would obey or not. We have given suggestions to aliens in several events…They did reasonably comply. This was a differing situation. Would he comply in any form, “By a wake” individual, who hadn’t been abducted since age 17?

Apparently someone was watching out for him and didnt like the idea of me waiting inside the tent with my “Unplugging” device (knife). Time was going to be up for the little bugger. Sorry he is a toaster, not a traveler from distant stars come to study us. That, “Whopper” isn’t on the menu for this evening. He is.

It (the cosmic airhead), started scratching on the side of the tent. My view of this is that the tent is supposed to be “Open up for him to walk through like a wall in an abduction scenario). The tent was not “Nuked” as I call it. He was not able to walk through the wall of the tent…Hence he kept scratching the tent. He can’t figure out why he cant come through it. He was so dense he kept trying to get in… (following my hypnotic suggestion to him?), and I was inches away from grabbing him (after my hypnotic psychology experiment). It was pitch black outside the back of my tent (where he was now)…And I thought it would be better served to let events “Unfold”.

Here is where my hypothesis’ seemed to be true.

Finally he stopped.

Later questioning of all the next morning showed this idea of “Letting it” do it’s thing, turned out to be true.
If I came out or interfered now, it would surely stop this event.

So I stayed put until I sensed or saw dale being taken. I could see dale and paul’s tent from my front view. I had the tent open enough to see this much.

I was never afraid at any time. I was so excited, to see “It”…I wanted to “Switch it off immediately”. I thought better of this, and decided to do the better thing. I would get one sooner, or later, if my thesis is correct.

As for fear, I got over this after practicing some spiritual and martial arts techniques, over the years.

More on this later, perhaps.

My suspicions were that he was looking for dale and would continue to go around the periphery of our tents to stay out of site of eric.

Eric is our trained observer. His job is to stay up every night in front of a large light. This is the last night. No one really believes they are “Coming tonite”. Most, I spoke to during the day, here, seem to think we are on a dry run.

It moved onto my film maker’s tent ( he reports he heard it “Scratching on the tent”) . Again, someone is really watching out for their walking alien toaster.

Dale knew when they were near his tent *even though he was sound asleep, dale reacted immediately. Dales rapid breathing and horrific fear (it transmits it’s own fear to the abductee here)…Scared paul to no end. Its presence (by dales reaction) scared dale half to death (with paul) in the tent with him. Dale sat up immediately and started breathing fast and was horrified. This greatly troubled the guy (paul) staying in the tent with dale. Paul realized “Oh my god, they are here to collect dale and I am in the tent with him”.

This is to be expected. They install the fear (for control). Paul’s fear was a very real knowing “They are heeerrrreee”. He was so correct. Dale’s fear was the alien’s installation of ‘it’s own fear” to dale.

…Eric, our faithful, trained observer never heard or saw a thing.

This was expected. And planned. I knew “If” they came, it would be on the first or last night, and when we were at our least.

The next morning everyone gave their respective reports. Not one person was told anything of my event until all had told theirs. There was nothing to report on every night till this one.

We had independent verification of a blue lighted ufo over our campsite at 3 am in the morning by a lady up the road… An independent camper.

The event occurred at 3:am

Awesome stories yet to be told. (there is more…But this is enough…)

Alien Buster

The morning after…
This is me after 7 days with little sleep… On the last morning (the night of the event).

Again, this is the story. It is what happened…And nothing I care to get flamed about. It’s just data. Take it or leave it.

In a few weeks. We hope to have some more toaster stories for you. The only difference is we hope to eventually, put a wet piece of toast into the toaster, and see what happens when it is switched on.

Happy hunting.

Derrel Sims, the alien hunter.

Bio Derrel Sims,CM.HT., R.H.A.

Derrel sims, over a span of more than 3 decades is a full time ufo researcher with a specific interest in medical/scientific evidence of human/alien contact. Sims feels that people who claim of contact with the alien presence should offer evidence of their positions. He states that it is incumbent upon us to produce evidence of these phenomena if we are to continue to make these claims and we must provide the best evidence to the medical/scientific fields if we are ever to have “academic” acceptance. Some of his work is already published in the royal society of chemical engineers and in other papers.

Sims is board-certified hypnotic anesthesia therapist and a master hypnotherapist, with special certifications in medical hypnotherapy and hypnotherapeutic intervention. He uses a multi-modality approach to memory retrieval and has developed specialized techniques for working specifically with alleged abductees as well as for use in more typical therapeutic interventions.

He has a master level in neuro linguistic programming (nlp), certifications in time line therapy and extensive training in graphoanalysis, linguistics and other modalities. His eclectic background and native American/Irish heritage contribute to his unique approach to life and his methods of working with others.

Researchers and laboratories are used to exploit and further test his discoveries such as alien implants from cases that stem from 1960 and more recently the first public surgery for alleged alien implants in 1995. Results from these two surgical candidates as well as surgical procedures since have resulted in objects with pathology and metallurgical results that are somewhat beyond our technologies. Each individual case is researched thoroughly and both physical and psychological profiles are taken prior to the procedure.

Sims travels to many parts of the world, conducting expeditions for new physical evidence, providing therapeutic interventions for alleged abductees, and as a speaker. As a ufo investigator, he has gained the respect of the scientific world and spoke before 250 surgeons and doctors in an ama sponsored program of continuing education concerning the topic, “medical complications of alleged human/alien contact: implants”. This was a first in the ufo field as well as the medical arena.

“I am confident that the best way to offer ‘proof’ to those without a first-hand experience is to continue to pursue evidence collection, analysis, and presentation; to involve researchers and scientists of the highest qualifications, and to maintain rigorous protocols for collection and analysis.”…sims. This is the objective of saber enterprises and his work with a new “dream team” of scientists, researchers, and medical and mental health professions through saber enterprises.

Http://www.Alienhuntethemovie.Org *this one is most important



The Alien Hunter
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