Aliens in Ireland? Texas native Derrel Sims is a self-proclaimed alien hunter and the world’s leading expert on alien abductions.

aliens in Ireland
Alleged UFO near Dublin, Ireland 

Mr. Sims is a former police officer and he also worked in the Central Intelligence Agency for two years during the Vietnam War.

During the conversation, Sims said in 1952, an alien visited his room when he was four years old.

Sims told the 2 Johnnies on RTE’s 2fm: “I woke up and there’s an alien in my room and he’s walking toward the wall, I didn’t realize at this time that he had just brought me back. I became conscious at the wrong moment I suppose for him and I said to myself, ‘who is that, he’s just gonna bump into the wall. ‘

“And I didn’t know he was going to go through the wall. long story short, he apparently overheard me thinking and turned around immediately, looked at me and I heard for the first time in my own head a voice that wasn’t mine. It said, ‘it’s awake’ and I realized he’s talking about me.”

The alien is described as being pure white, tall, very skinny, and with large black eyes that were perfectly round.

Sims adds that the extraterrestrial had almost no mouth – a tiny slit for a mouth – along with a tiny hole for a nose and no ears.

“The encounter took place over a few minutes and I woke up the next morning I was very distraught and my parents would ask me what was wrong and I wouldn’t answer them. I never told them. My mother is 92-years-old and I finally told her this last year,” he said.

During the interview, Sims alleges that three other people in his family have had similar experiences with aliens and they all kept it private until he went public with his experience.

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The Alien Hunter
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