To my friends and colleagues:

I have begged certain mutilation case investigators, do check these animals’ bodies for certain things.  I am not in contact with these particular cases in Australia, so that’s a moot point here.  Several people are trying to get me to do a series of speaking engagements in Australia right as we speak. We’ll see how that goes.

Mutilation case
Mutilation case. The cows were found laying dead in a row last week. Photo: Derek Shirley

The real issue is that in my opinion, this animals should be checked with various equipment to see what else might be involved.  

One of the things is critical in my view, is that these animals be check for florescence and then samples to be taken if the florescence is present.  This of course, involves the florescent site, as well as Control samples on the animal.

The second thing that should happen in my opinion, is to check the animal with the metal detector. 

 There’s only been one case that I know of that someone actually checked hey mutilated Cow with a metal detector.  The assistant, while waiting for the “ investigators” to arrive, found an object moving inside the Cow, that was giving off a distinct signal.  The young man who did this inadvertent test… Realized at that point he needed to go pick up the ‘Real investigators” at the airport.  Unfortunately, he left the animal, and did his job.  He picked up my friend and his associates Bill Burns and Company.  Then they did the mutillation investigation.  Which basically yielded nothing, other then we have mutilated animal with the same strange circumstances!  

The glaring point is, there was no object moving around in the animal. SO, did someone or something return while everybody was gone, and get the moving implanted device?  We will never know now.

The poor rancher had lost many cattle in prior mutilation cases.  He literally was in tears over his circumstance.

NOTATION: when you find good evidence don’t leave the body. 

There’re other things to should be done as well in these cases.  There should be soil samples taken immediately around the animal carcass.  A police officer friend of mine, did a calculation case, in which HE precisely, Took samples of soil in all directions, in I spoke like manner, as far as 300 feet from the area of the cow.  This yielded some good information.  It indicated that there were disturbances, in the soil, that was noted with varying determinations at various distances.  What this suggested to us, is that regardless of how the mutilation occurred, someone in a helicopter, deposited the body back in its original position.

So even if the mutilation occurred somewhere else, by alien, or buy an intelligence operation, the animal was brought back to this location and dropped.  

Clearly some of these animals, our intelligence operations. 

Clearly some of these animals are part of alien mutilation operations.  

Clearly some of them, are both.  

By that I mean one following the others procedures.  In other words, they appear to be spying on each other.  They appear to be seeing what each other has done with the animal.

To underscore this find, it is important to note that human pharmaceuticals have been found in some of these related cattle mutes. 

Originally, circa 1960-80’s, at the Jicarllio Apache Indian Reservation, on the Valdez Ranch, florescent splotches were found on certain cattle.  This indicates something like a paintball type indicator was shot onto these cattle in an identifying manner.   Since paint ball guns were not around back then, and no reported paintball plastic projectiles were found, it seems some other method was used.  The bottom line is, the cattle were pre-marked, and later found mutilated.  

Since, near that particular reservation, in the late 60s, a 20 kiloton nuclear device was set off, underground, by the military, ostensibly for the early practices of fracking for natural gas???  It seems that the intelligence boys may have been checking the cattle for radiation levels?

At least that’s the story.

Somebody other mutilations particularly in the area, and states around, do not suggest that this study is the only possibility.

All in all, I wish people would use other devices and check for these other possibilities.

Derrel Sims, R.H.A.,CM.Ht.

The Alien Hunter

PS: the stories are below.

The 2nd video was March this year same region of the state.

Dead cows found in paddock with udders, ears and tongues removed

Row of cows found dead after lightning strike south of Brisbane

The Alien Hunter
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