Just got the sad news that author and researcher Lloyd Pye lost his short but fierce battle with cancer last night. He was surrounded by family, and passed peacefully, with acceptance and courage.

Researcher Lloyd Pye holding his famous Starchild Skull
Researcher Lloyd Pye holding his famous Starchild Skull

Lloyd was struck just months ago with an aggressive tumor in his abdomen. He went to Europe for advanced complementary treatment and had immediate success eradicating the huge tumor at the clinic. Unfortunately, after leaving the clinic, the tumor rebounded aggressively. Lloyd showed tenacity until the end, combining a wide range of treatment modalities, though ultimately to no avail.

As most of you know, Lloyd was an alternative researcher who came into possession of a rare artifact known as “The Starchild Skull.” The anomalous physical characteristics of the skull led to a long series of advanced testing, and at each phase, results were intriguing enough for Lloyd to press on with his quest. Ultimately, private donors funded forensic DNA testing which indicated (depending on how one interprets the results) that the skull has a high probability of being part non-human.

Whatever the conclusions, I sympathize with this long and drawn-out process Lloyd had to go through regarding anomalous samples. My team has faced and continues to face similar challenges, from mainstream science’s incredulity and unwillingness to assist, to lack of funding to pursue the very testing the skeptics demand. Plus, like Lloyd, science has had to catch up with what’s needed to analyze our samples at the level needed to “prove” things one way or another. Lloyd shared with close colleague suggestions, based on his own experiences, of various testing approaches we might take on our own alleged alien DNA samples, as well as what to expect: “No matter how much testing is done, no matter how definitive the results, there will be those that are never satisfied,” he told my colleague.

Lloyd didn’t give up. Not on his research, and not on his health, right to the bitter end. His friends all over the world gave him support and strength. That’s inspiring. We won’t surrender, either–not while there’s one abductee left standing! So Team Alien Hunter, let’s say a prayer for Lloyd Pye and keep up the fight for honest, evidence-based research.

RIP Lloyd Pye
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