In the STS 48 shuttle film, it shows the USA? Firing very fast missiles at the crafts…and the craft evading it almost as if they were listening to the shooter “think”.  Hence, they seem to avoid a repeat missile fired at them.

As I watched the NASA film, I was reminded: in the martial arts we call it Mizu no Kokoro…it is a mind feedback process that detects your “opponents” movement the instant they do…it is almost like mind reading but not.

The point is we obviously have good stuff to shoot with, (better than this what was shown), but we have to use a “ mind like the moon or mind like water called Tsuki no Kokoro, reflecting his thoughts and moves, so you can get him.  

The Alien Hunter - - STS 48 observation & Contact In The Desert Panels

You have to outthink and outmaneuver the enemy (or you will lose).  This is not a martial arts tournament game here.  So I don’t think we shoot down hundreds, (sorry 1000’s), as the “famous tv intel” folks say.  Sorry just ain’t true.  Not in my books anyway.  We do get some crafts for sure.  If we were getting as many as people said at somebody’s tv shows, we would have ufos laying all over the place.  Evidence is hard to come by.  I have two more pieces of  “Expelled UFO slag” that I will make sure Dr. Vallee will have access to.

 “Contact In The Desert” was a remarkable conference.  

At contact in the desert, they had me on a science panel with the very cool “Russel Targ”. He told of remote viewing the office of Brezhnev at the kremlin once.  He said, he and a lady who did this RV event,  did some great work.   They, at one point, had a distinct feeling, of being “watched while they observed.   (this is not unlike the ufo feeling we abductees have).

He said I was so scared we stopped and (like most folks in those situations if you get it!)…you realize your not the most skilled person in the room…

After he said all of that, he got a fine ovation.  I think the folks saw the seriousness of what he said.   He showed it without the fluff” of “We are so cool and very hot at our RVing skills”.  I thought his delivery was flawless.

Then he said something the new agers/contactees and higher conscientious folks may not want to hear nor want to believe:  

We remote viewed an alien craft (apparently a big one)…what we saw was most disturbing.  Human bodies everywhere…dead etc. Hundreds of them…really bothered us that this was going on the craft.

The final thing he said after that, was, “one thing I am always concerned about in RV is to do this in “leaving the body” and traveling there.  The problem is “what if someone   (or something) is already occupying (your body) when you try to get back in. Your own body? (very very real concern from a practical/ spiritual and even biblical consideration).

I was honored that victoria put me on this panel.  I just wanted to contribute to this panel discussion.   With these scientists, md’s, etc.  So I have to “show something worthy of those types of discussions.  So I responded, (when my appointed time came)

“ as dr. Targ has so eloquently illustrated with his remote viewing experience, we have a similar need for infiltration as well.

Our methods and techniques, are certainly not remote viewing, nor is what we use, that elegant   

Having been in the intelligence, during the Vietnam war era, I used our skills and methods of spying on “them” the alien.  I did this in concert with my programming techniques of advanced hypnotherapy; advanced behavioral modeling and neuro-linguistic programming. I used these skills to program some of 0ur abductees and contactees who volunteer for the encounters.

(by this I mean, these people are going to be taken anyway! Why not be prepared for the trip.   How I was able to accomplish this program? Of the “test pilots” brain under the control of the captors.

This effectively leaves the person’s one hemisphere “abducted” while the other hemisphere is awake and in control (apart from the other part being abducted!  

In this way, one can monitor the {abducted side and be compliant *as if” abducted t00.  The alien is no wiser. 

In one such enc0unter, we discovered an estimated 300 bodies in milk-like fluid, clear, human-sized containers.

(this specific statement caught dr. Targ by surprise his neck turned so fast to me it surprised me.  (I am unsure if it was the volume of bodies we saw like unto his Remote viewing report?  Or if it was simply fact we’ve been able to penetrate the Alien security system, with relative ease, and minimal training.  

Remote viewing is a highly developed skill… I don’t think that many people can do it that well (as dr. Targ’s apparently people did). 

I generally speaking have not seen a great deal of remote viewing, but what I have seen is not been very spectacular.  I was most impressed with Dr. Targs reports!

THE BOTTOM LINE (AS I SAID IN CLOSING WAS):  our techniques, though not as refined as Dr. Targs illustration, still has allowed us to, Remote view. so speak on the alien, but by proxy, by having their captives present.  in this way we can use them as our test pilots, our “Physical and mental “Avatars, and compare our results.

(The audience was mostly quiet during this time is everyone’s eyes were focused on Dr. Targ’s response to my comments).

“If” 55% of your Communication is your physiology, 38% is your tone pitch and timber voice, and only 7% is your words (I think the crowd effectively Saul 93% of communication, to me, by Dr. Targs movements!

I  was guessing that Dr. Targ thought: “IF” what Sims is Saying, is true, why was he not in our program, ‘OR’ not in the company  (CIA) any longer?

To be able to use such a simplistic System, with minimal training, with those type results, “IF TRUE” is simply remarkable.  Again, “if true” it is apparently easy, coachable.  

Why is the company (the C.I.A.) not using it?

If I had to give an answer, They simply didn’t think about it.  They went after the more innovative, exotic, complex, and in their opinion,” nondetectable” method.

Remote viewing certainly would fit the bill.  

It actually makes a lot of sense, unless you find something easier.  

They didn’t.  We did.  

I don’t have time to train people.  It is easier to program them than to train them.  


I will send the information to Dr. Targ.  I hope he finds it useful. Perhaps something could be used in tandem with his ideas?  Anyway, the information will be sent to him.

During this fascinating panel of doctors and scientists, I listen intently as I heard the remarkable Michael Telenger comment and go to the heart of the question, of the crop circles.   He illustrated, that these formations have been around longer than the “historical crop circles” so to speak.  He mentioned circle patterns and grids around the world in rock formations.  (I thought that was an excellent observation on his part).  

It was time for me to be on the hot seat!  Our excellent host focuses attention on my response to these grids, formations, etc.

I told the audience “These Cymatic patterns are created by frequency vibrations. We suspect the patterns are occurring when entities that are off frequency from our own natural frequencies are causing these patterns as a side effect of interaction, or the energy fields of the equipment they use.

We found the most interesting pattern on our first abductee in 1992 with florescence on her. The florescent pattern was a Mandelbrot set. Mandelbrot said is a fractal pattern that illustrates order and chaos. It appeared inside of her bicep.   Needless to say, this drew my attention right away.”

Michael Telenger was so excited by that announcement, that he began to speak directly to me on the panel.  He said I have never heard of anything like this ever, in the UFO realm. After questioning me about it for quite a while, he, later, came by my table and got a “selfie” photograph with me?  I thanked him for his excellent work.  We shook hands and he left.  We all had so many people hanging around that we had to attend to our constituents.

I think I will go ahead and forward him the information on that case.  I hope he finds some things useful in it.

The two panels I was on, were superb.  I thought the panelist were about as good as you could get.  I was delighted with the answers we had.  In truth, these were some of the most informed audience, have a conference, I have ever spoken before, to-date.  

Derrel Sims, R.H.A., CM.Ht.

The Alien Hunter
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