These people in Mississippi put up one of those tree mounted deer cams that takes a picture every few seconds and has infrared led for night vision. They pulled their camera and downloaded the pictures to find deer wandering around the woods but then all the sudden a spotlight starts shining on them.

Then a craft appears from the distance with two headlights and comes down in front of one of the deer right in front of the camera. Spotlights the deer for a while and then flies off. You can make out a saucer shaped craft on one picture.

That deer video that is buzzing all over the news stations right now has got me thinking. If it is real, it would present a lot of tells about the alien and their craft.

Two lights tells me they are using a similar design we do for cars. Which means they have two eyes and more importantly two brain hemispheres for right and left vision.

They apparently turned to the right and left. Does this mean they have a favored dexterity? Right or left hand?

They must have detected the infrared led lights on the camera and seeing the deer moving around it, thought it might be a person in the woods alone with a flash light. When they arrived and shined their lights on the deer they realized it was an animal and the light was a fixture. Which means they had to get close to make sure and they assumed what they had found.

Maybe they can be duped by a mannequin of a person with some kind heater in it to simulate body heat and a light source. Might fool them enough to land and step out. The deer and camera light fooled them enough to come within 40 yards.

If you were able to fool them as such, might be able to catch them on very low light cameras and get a good glimpse of them.

What do you think?

The Alien Hunter - - UFOs Descend on Deer in Mississippi Woods

The Alien Hunter
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