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To all,

This is one of my abductees.  His name is Terry Lovelace.  He is a retired assistant Atty. Gen.

He has connections, with a hybrid alien that been seen in Houston, 20 years before I met my abductee, here.

He was beyond stunned when I showed him drawings… Of the hybrid that hear drawing pictures of recently.

It is an ongoing case and one that you might not be pleased to see the pictures.

He it does not entertain the idea of possible conspiracy here as the drawing shown below.

I personally do not find any rationale for that, either.

One of the reasons I don’t find any need for that, is because many of us have given for more damning information, and have not been subsequently attacked, by the intelligence community or someone like that… Simply because they didn’t like our information.  I was recently on Kerry’s program and I did not get attacked by anybody.  

Of course my critics would probably say well that’s because you’re CIA.


Derrel W Sims, R.H.A., CM. Ht

  1. S.  Some clown actually told me the other day and announced the abductions had ceased around the world.  The Galactic council had decided that was enough.

Sometimes you need those Highwater boots, in the golden shovel to get rid of it.


On Thursday December 6th I was on-air with Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot.  I felt uneasy about the evening from the beginning and had some discomfort in my right lower abdomen all evening. The interview with Kerry was a couple hours from about 8:00 PM until 10:30 PM or so. I now had pain in the right lower quadrant of my abdomen, noted it, and didn’t give it much thought because it wasn’t severe. At 7:00 AM the next morning I woke up with two swollen masses, each about the size of an egg in my right lower abdomen and I felt very week.

I called a friend, a medical doctor I’d rather not name, who advised me to not go to the VA Hospital, rather to go to a private hospital. I told him I was going to Lake Pointe in Rowlett, a Dallas suburb. When I arrived they were waiting for us.  A CT scan of my abdomen showed two active, bleeding vessels in my abdomen (I can’t have an MRI because of metal in my body). The surgeon said they would need to open my abdomen and locate the vessels and tie them off. I now had two swollen masses, each the size of a softball. I was bleeding internally.

They prepped me for surgery and as I was receiving an anesthesia consultation the surgeon suggested one more set of CT scans to better help him locate the sites that was bleeding. That’s when he discovered the bleeding had stopped on its own. I was kept two more nights to make sure the bleeding didn’t recur.

The photographs are about a week after the event. My entire roght side is dark purple/black all the way to my knees.

The surgeon told me the “injuries” I had were consistent with blunt force trauma like from a car accident or being struck with a baseball bat.  Because of the nature of the injuries he had to report them to the police who questioned me. I reassured them no one had assaulted me, I had not been in an accident and there was no alcohol in my blood.  I’m not sure they believe me but I know my rights and I terminated what began to feel like an interrogation.  I heard nothing afterward.  It’s taken several weeks to heal.

Alien Encounter Injury
Alien Encounter Injury

I was sent the two attachments in October with the warning that I could be under attack by radio frequency from aircraft and from vans.  I didn’t give them much thought, I get a lot of strange emails.

Alien Encounter Injury
Alien Encounter Injury
The Alien Hunter
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