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“Roswell was an intelligence operation.” So stated Derrel Sims, aka The Alien Hunter, in a recent interview for Sony TV, about the 1947 crash of an alien craft in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico.

I was shocked to hear this statement. Not because it was “news” to me–Derrel and I had discussed this possibility before. But he usually keeps his unconventional theories about aliens closer to his chest. Now, it seems, he was ready to shake up the UFO chat rooms much as he has in the past with his revelations about alien implants and alien fluorescence.

RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell
RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell

As an armed forces veteran and former intel operative for the CIA while stationed in Korea during the Vietnam War, Derrel has developed a healthy skepticism about possible motives of “enemy combatants,” which is how he views the alien presence. Having taken part in covert ops himself, it’s logical that he would ask a very reasonable question: “If we wanted to get inside information about an adversary, what better way to do it than ‘crash’ one of our drones in their territory?” With this postulate, Sims is suggesting that the aliens may have deliberately crashed their own craft into the Roswell desert in order to infiltrate our defenses.

Before we go any further into this scenario, it’s useful to understand just how the Alien Hunter views the grey aliens–those pesky intruders and sometimes abductors of human beings. Many Roswell witnesses report seeing or even handling non-human bodies resembling the “grays,” as they are called by ufologists, during the military’s recovery operation of a downed non-terrestrial craft in July 1947.

Roswell Exhibit
Roswell Exhibit

But Derrel has been researching the alien predators long enough to have figured out that the grays are merely the sentries, pawns, shock troops, and errand boys of Alien Upper Management. “They’re like a 286 computer with legs,” he states frequently during his lectures. “Sometimes they can’t even get your clothes back on right.” The grays are sent out to do simple missions–retrieve and return a human subject after using the “mind scan” (a technique that purportedly paralyzes the victim and installs a “screen memory” protecting the alien identity), and ensure the subject has no accurate recall of the event. How does Derrel know that the gray is not a creative, independent thinker?

“Because they make mistakes,” he claims. “They’ll return people to the wrong beds, or leave evidence behind.” When subjects fight back, the grays often get frustrated and leave.

That makes sense from an intelligence standpoint, too. Why risk sending in senior officers, when a lowly private can get the job done for you? So if Sims is right about the gray’s position in the hierarchy, then how might they be useful in gathering information, if they’re held captive?

This might have something to do with the gray’s biomechanical makeup. Derrel’s research has led him to believe (and he’s not the only UFO researcher to think this), that the little gray guys may be made, rather than born—perhaps even bioengineered or even modified from a once-humanoid creature. Could it be, then, that a captive gray might serve as an actual transmitter of top-secret data? And whether or not they communicate the nuclear launch codes back to the Mother Ship or Base Camp or wherever the alien headquarters lurks, the gray reconnaissance would reveal vital psychological and procedural information–how do the humans feel about an alien? What are their methods for dealing with us? What is their organizational structure? Where are their secret bases?

That’s just one of the qualities that make Sims such an innovator in the ragtag field of ufology: When assessing the alien modus operandi, he often asks himself, “What would a CIA agent do?”

The thought of a Gitmo in space isn’t very pleasant to contemplate…

The Alien Hunter
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