Some of you may have read about a recent outbreak of apparent animal mutilations in Port Lavaca, Texas, as reported a couple of weeks ago in a Houston newspaper. Some of the photos are pretty graphic, but you can read the story here if you can stomach it.

Animal Mutilations in Texas
Port Lavaca farmer Wayne Daggs and his beloved animals.

The case is currently in the hands of MUFON investigator Charles Stansburge. The story was sent to me for my comments, so I’ll share my first thoughts based on the newspaper report. Assuming that report is accurate, at first glance these gruesome animal mutes seem to have two levels of human involvement. Now, this is just a guess on my part; until the work is done, no one really knows for sure. A couple of clues: Vultures were feasting on one of the carcasses. In cases of animal mutes with suspected alien perps, the predators usually steer clear, itself unusual.

Another is that the farmer, a former member of law enforcement, refers to “the person” who did this, and offers several possible suspects and motives. I’m glad to see that Mr. Stansburge is taking a steady course with this investigation, “We’re trying to lean towards earthly things.” With 3 years experience, including investigating Colorado cattle mutes, the case appears to be in good hands.

Mutilations are a nasty business in every sense of the word, whether done by humans or aliens. We’ve had two cases of human mutilations from South America, including one where a woman was literally skinned alive. So much for the friendly aliens, right?

Animal Mutilations in Texas
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