The government wants to know if these unidentified objects pose a military threat. But they also represent an opportunity to advance science and technology.

The Alien Hunter - - The U.S. military takes UFOs seriously. Why doesn't Silicon Valley or academia?
An unidentified aerial phenomenon, or UAP, appears in this declassified video captured by a U.S. Navy aircraft. DoD via To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences

In our era of life-changing innovation, there are major breakthroughs that could well come from the serious study of a phenomenon we too often mock: UFOs. The government has reversed its official position of publicly ignoring UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomenon, the new trendy name for UFOs) and is starting to tackle the subject openly. But within academia and industry, the topic is still too frequently dismissed with a chuckle accompanied by some trite remark about “extraterrestrials.” (read the entire article below)

The Alien Hunter
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